Atlas Air Traffic Laboratory For Advanced Systems
ATLAS runway is 600 meters long (an expansion to 800 meters is planned in short-term) and 18 meters wide, entirely asphalted and signposted with indications for flight development and aerial testing.

The Centre has also an auxiliary of 400 meters long and 10 meters wide grass runway to be used in tests exclusively dedicated to unmanned vehicles in this kind of surface.
These facilities are complemented by a wheel track and a conditioning platform for aircrafts dedicated to flight tests in ATLAS.

Excellent technological and scientific facilities to test light and tactical UAS or RPAS


Unique center in Europe for the RPAS experimentation technologies and air traffic management

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Aerodrome with main runway of 800 meters, auxiliary runway of 400 meters and control tower

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1,000 km2 Airspace, with the best conditions for flight testing with UAV

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Infrastructure and hangars available to the international aerospace companies

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A broad platform of unmanned aircraft, from helicopters to electrical aircraft

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