Atlas Air Traffic Laboratory For Advanced Systems
UAV Platform
UAV Platform
FADA, through the Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CATEC), has a fleet of UAVs that are used as experimental platform for flight testing of its technologies in this field, and they are also available to those external companies and organizations interested in using them to validate new systems and perform their own tests.

This fleet consists of both planes and helicopters covering a wide range of features from electric aircraft with 2 kg payload to combustion engine aircrafts with 20 kg payload. Part of this fleet is also the first fully electric model of helicopter with 5 kg payload capacity.
CATEC also offers its developments in avionics and integration capabilities in UAVs, as well as the support in the certification process of systems.

Excellent technological and scientific facilities to test light and tactical UAS or RPAS


Unique center in Europe for the RPAS experimentation technologies and air traffic management

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Aerodrome with main runway of 800 meters, auxiliary runway of 400 meters and control tower

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1,000 km2 Airspace, with the best conditions for flight testing with UAV

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Infrastructure and hangars available to the international aerospace companies

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A broad platform of unmanned aircraft, from helicopters to electrical aircraft

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