Francisco Reyes announced during his visit that the province board will prepare the access road to the center, located in Villacarillo, on a project that will be completed between March and April 2014
The president of the Provincial Council of Jaén, Francisco Reyes, visited today the facilities of the ATLAS Flight Test Center that is being built in Villacarrillo and that will be the first of its kind in Spain and Europe entirely dedicated to experimentation with technologies and systems for light unmanned aircrafts.

During his tour at the center, which was also attended by the delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of the Government of Andalusia, Ana Cobo; the Mayor of Villacarillo, Julian Gilabert, the rector of the University of Jaén, Manuel Parras, and the director of ATLAS, Anastasio Sánchez, among other authorities, the president of the council has been informed about the situation of the facilities, which completion and commissioning is scheduled for the first quarter of 2014.

During the visit, Francisco Reyes announced that the provincial administration will prepare the road to access the center, located on the JV-6001 roadway, Herrera-Puente del Condado, which is reached from the A-6203, between Villacarrillo and Castellar. Reyes has stressed the commitment of the Council to carry out this project, which will have a budget of 400,000 euros and whose works will be completed for the months of March and April next year.

This intervention, as he has informed the heads of ATLAS, consist mainly in strengthening the road surface of JV-6001, as well as improving drainage and the installation of new horizontal and vertical signaling on its way. He said that “the implementation of ATLAS will be a very important economic, and tourist wake-up call for this area of the Jaen province.”