Our facilities

ATLAS has two centers, one more focused on experimentation for carrying out flight tests of unmanned aerial systems (drones/UAS/RPAS), and another tactical, for unmanned aircraft that require a long runway and for new eVTOL platforms. for advanced or innovative air mobility applications.

The combination of both centers makes it an unique infrastructure in Europe, being the first specifically dedicated to the research and validation of this type of aircraft, an area that is considered one of the areas with the greatest global projection within the international aerospace industry.

Customer orientation, agility and confidentiality in each project

ATLAS ALPHA Experimental Center

ATLAS ALPHA is located in the Spanish town of Villacarrillo (Jaen, Spain), an enclave that stands out for having an airspace whose location, climate and orography are ideal for the development of experimental flights with aircraft and unmanned aircraft. More than 300 operational flight days per year.

Its facilities have segregated airspace with an area of more than 1,000 km2, which makes it a perfect center for carrying out R&D activities and flight tests with this type of aircraft and platforms.

This airspace is located over a sparsely populated area composed mainly of olive plantations. Both are excellent mitigators of trading risk. Furthermore, the confidentiality provided by its location makes ATLAS ALPHA the right environment for large and specific military or civil campaigns.

In this way, ATLAS has the possibility of playing an important role in the validation of new technologies and applications with UAS/RPAS, such as the management of natural disasters, fires and environmental accidents, land or maritime traffic surveillance, communications, meteorology, environmental protection, support for agriculture and forestry applications, aerial photography, cinema, cartography, and applications in defense, security and civil protection.

Experimental Center

Camino de Herrera, s/n
23300 Villacarrillo (Jaén)

38° 8′ 16.73″, -3° 10′ 25.84″
38.137983, -3.173847

ATLAS BRAVO Tactical Center

ATLAS manages the UAS operations of a second airfield: ATLAS BRAVO. It is located 25 km from the ATLAS ALPHA Experimental Center and just 9 km from the TSA30, making it possible to create a segregated corridor that connects both centers.

Located in a sparsely populated area, with a land elevation of 1,780 feet, has infrastructure and hangars, different accessory services and a large area to support campaigns and everything that each mission needs.

It has two paved and painted runways 15 m wide, with safety margins of 7.5 m on each side of the terrain, one 1,500 m long (Runway 27-09), and another 650 m long (Runway 34-16). In addition, it has two large hangars with folding doors, a paved aircraft platform of 200×60 meters suitable for vertiports and several areas available for new infrastructure.

Therefore, it is an ideal place for managing both manned and unmanned operations.

Tactical Center

El Cornicabral
23280 Beas de Segura (Jaén)

38° 16′ 16.54″, -2° 56′ 49.43″
38.272789, -2.951185