ATLAS ALPHA | Experimental Center

ATLAS BRAVO | Tactical Center

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ATLAS Flight Centers

The ATLAS flight centers, belonging to the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies | CATEC, offer well-equipped infrastructure with excellent facilities and an ideal airspace for carrying out unmanned aircraft systems flight tests (UAS/RPAS) and new UAM platforms.

Get to know our facilities

Our facilities

ATLAS has two centers, one focused on experimentation for carrying out unmanned aerial systems flight tests (drones/UAS/RPAS), and another tactical one, for unmanned aircraft that require a long runway and for new eVTOL platforms for advanced or innovative air mobility applications.

ATLAS ALPHA | Experimental Center

  • Centro Experimental ATLAS ALPHA
  • Centro Experimental ATLAS ALPHA
  • Centro Experimental ATLAS ALPHA
  • Centro Experimental ATLAS ALPHA
  • Centro Experimental ATLAS ALPHA

This enclave stands out for having more than 1,000Km2 of segregated airspace, which together with climate, orography and low population density, has ideal characteristics for the development of experimental flights with unmanned aircraft, offering more than 300 operational days per year.

ATLAS BRAVO | Tactical Center

  • Atlas - Centro Táctico - Beta
  • Atlas - Centro Táctico - Beta
  • Atlas - Centro Táctico - Beta
  • Atlas - Centro Táctico - Beta
  • Atlas - Centro Táctico - Beta

In a sparsely populated area, just 25Km from ATLASα, and 9Km from the 1,000 Km2 airspace limit, which allows a connection of a segregated corridor between both centers. It is an ideal area for flying both manned and unmanned operations with many infrastructures and complementary services.

Customer orientation, agility and confidentiality in each project

Flight testing services

ATLAS facilities and services are available to the aeronautical and space community to safely carry out flight tests and technologies validation applicable to aircraft (both unmanned and unmanned) and systems for the safe UAS and eVTOLs integration in the airspace (U-space/UTM and ATM).

UAS platform validations

  • UAS platform operations.
  • Test campaign planning.
  • Validation of prototype UAS technologies.
  • New techniques, tests, and certification of unmanned vehicles.
  • Logistics support, flight permits, and SORA safety analysis.
  • Engineering support from CATEC in both avionics and adaptations.

UAV platforms and hangars

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles fleet available to customers for system validation and testing.
  • Support in systems certification processes.
  • With 4 workshops for equipment preparation and verification and 2 meeting rooms for flight plan preparation and data analysis.
  • Provision of electrical installations, network connectivity and compressed air.

Systems validation on aerial platforms


  • Engineering for integrating the system to be validated in flight
  • Flight permit management.
  • Test campaign planning.
  • Platform piloting service.
  • Fully equipped facilities for the development of flight campaigns.

Other Services

  • Management and coordination of flight operations.
  • Management of documentation, permits and insurance for flights and campaigns.
  • Events organization.
  • Air surveillance radar (TCAS, Doppler/Lighting/Weather software).
  • Aeronautical radio (ADS-B) and weather station.
  • Auxiliary staff for maintenance, security, cleaning, etc.

CATEC Certifications

ISO 9001
ISO 9100
UNE 166002
UNE-EN ISO 14001
ISO 45001
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